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what no i meant that i’d totally write a book about keisha she is accidentally interesting and if i can do it my way it could actually teach people about a lot of shit that is happening now

such as teen pregnancy and drug abuse and all that fun stuff

gosh she has a shitty personality and all but fuck shes pretty strong i realized and very driven

compared to carlton that would rather hide then face adversity and kree that uses happiness and fake smiles as a coping mechanism

she seen some shit and owned up to it and is still getting shit for it and all shes trying to do is make it better because it’ll never be right

obvsly if i do go with this it wouldnt mention anything about tfi wow how lame

stormm, private eye, weather you like it or not.
  • another day, another dollar's what i always say. looks like i have another case. this broad strolls in, looking rather monochromatic. if only my outlook on this issue was as bright as her skin. shes screaming at me in a jargon i dont understand, but i do catch this. someone had their grimy mitts on the dames hooch. i can reason with that. i tell her to hold on as i gather my belongings. see, i carry two magnums. ones a gun, and i keep her loaded. the other's a bottle, and keeps /me/ loaded. i can only grant her my condolences for her loss.

wow dumb

the man was hysterical, he was. could hear that bellow of his ringing from down here. if he wanted my attention, he should have just called. that wail was simply the sound of me having a case. the sound of justly earned money slapping against my palm is music to my ears. but im no musical buff. im a private eye.

this is a tough job, but im a tougher dame. i can handle this.

and thats when he came barging into my office. a redhead. big, tall, meathead is what he was. took one glance at his mug and my heart started doing palpitations. said he had a case. sounds like hes a case alright. no one can pick and choose their clients.  

after a closer look, i could see he was the heartbreaker kind. or the armbreaker kind. either way, i was not going to dillydally any longer. follow me, i order, leading him back to the crime scene. an interesting work- either his confectionary goods were being stolen by poltergeists, or some one just ate the big gingers pie. 

just in the middle of my thorough investigation, a large hand is on my shoulder, spins me around and im looking dead center into the cold dark eyes of a madman. i was being set up! this ginger snapped, i was going to be no patsy for any crime i never committed! that goes against everything i stand for! 

just then, a little friend of mine came by. i keep him close to my heart. a little to the left and down, to be exact. clearly all it took was 2 heart felt counterclaims for him to clear my name as i cleared the room. and if that didnt work, i was most likely done for. i slip out of death’s grip one more time, when suddenly, one of his hired henchmen caught up to me and practiced a more physical form of interrogation.

"An’ then Q caught me with pie crumbs on m’face so I squirted him with a water gun and booked it. An’ then that jackass o lantern gives me a buncha lip service saying I oughta fess up and stop takin’ people’s shit on account of that tainted cake back July- DON’T LAUGH, TASS, THAT’S NOT FUNNY." 


i was thinking key should bug carlton into teaching her how to spoo

and hes just adversed to it because wow of all the scouts shes his least favorite and they both clearly know that

plus he thinks theres too many young spies around YALL JUST FELL OUT THE CRADLE WHAT THE HAYALL /cough cough Allison/ in /his/ opinion anyways hes an old timer boooo

so he downplays it a lot to make it seem mega boring and shit and tells her to go fuck with walter and tess and be a soldier and stop bugging him


so she bugs him until he does and yap you guessed it he makes a bunch of boring ass drills to see how much she actually wants to learn

by chucking some language dictionary and grammar rule books at her


lmao its horrible

Those knowing stares has his face as red as his uniform. And if he were to snap at them, it’d warrant attention and open discussion which he most definitely doesn’t want. Leave it to hippies to have a hotbox party and spend the night gossiping. 

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see i’m still doing it

its just that every time i progress i stall and bullshit and dont wanna do it anymore becusae im too busy laughing at the imagery fsadfs

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